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A software company expands its business with the support of MFI Jobs at BDB

A BDB’s subsidiary granted investment financing to LARASOFT


The Jobs microfinance institution within the Bulgarian Development Bank Group has provided investment financing for the expansion of the operations business of the software company Larasoft. Supporting high technology innovation is one of the highlights of BDB's activities.
"LARASOFT" specializes in website development, web-based business applications, call center /Telesales solutions, e-commerce websites, mobile development and blockchain technology.
With the support of an investment loan from MFI Jobs, the company will purchase hardware to be integrated into a three-tier infrastructure module to deliver a service using software to more accurately allocate resources and create a wide range of services, including containerization. Containers are the solution to the problem of how one software works reliably and correctly, by moving it from one computer environment to another. In that regard, the Docker platform has become a distinctive feature of the container technology in recent years. It allows the development, delivery and launch of a variety of applications, separating them from the infrastructure. Thanks to the Docker container technology, there will be no change in the behavior of the software product in different environments, nor any restrictions in respect of the launch of applications.
With the support of BDB, LARASOFT will have the opportunity to reach international markets where there is an interest in using the new services