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BDB’s Chairman Stoyan Mavrodiev Has Supported the Cooperation Initiative On the 16+1 Meeting In Dubrovnik

“The financing of SME business is one of Bulgarian Development Bank’s core goals and we embrace the ideas and the practice embedded in the Cooperation Initiative of China-CEEC Inter-Bank Association on supporting this sector.” said BDB’s Chairman of the Management Board and CEO Stoyan Mavrodiev during the Inter-bank Association meeting, which took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Initiative was signed by the board of directors of the Association’s member banks. BDB’s Chairman of the Board and CEO addressed the members on the subject of including banks of other countries into the 16+1 format and the achieved success within the Association framework. It is expected that financial institutions from Albania, Estonia and Poland are to be included. Stoyan Mavrodiev expressed his confidence that the signed initiative will build up a common platform among the partners of China-CEEC Inter-Bank Association and will contribute to expanding the bilateral business within the area of supporting SMEs.

The Association has established itself as an important forum for financial cooperation between the governmental representatives within the 16+1 framework. The forum participants reviewed the execution of “Action Programme 2018-2020” and exchanged views regarding the strengthening of multilateral financial cooperation and the possibilities of economic support.
Later on BDB’s CEO Stoyan Mavrodiev participated in an international meeting between the Premiers of Bulgaria - Boyko Borisov and of China - Li Keqiang.