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Development Banks from 13 countries present their key projects at a photo exhibition in Sofia

The exposition was opened in the City Garden and will be available until 30 October


The Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Bulgarian Development Bank Stoyan Mavrodiev and the Secretary General of the European Association of Public Banks Marcel Roy welcomed the first guests to the photo exhibition dedicated to key projects supported by development banks and public financial institutions from all over the world. The exhibition is under the title "Development Projects" and presents a total of 31 projects from 16 financial institutions, including the German KfW, the China Development Bank, the Council of Europe Development Bank, Swedish Communinvest, Norwegian KBN and others.

By the end of October City Garden residents and guests of the capital will be able to get acquainted with impressive cadres representing large-scale infrastructure projects such as the city of innovation in the Chinese province of Hubei and the largest wind farm in the North Sea. The exhibition also focuses on one of the specific missions of the development banks – namely, support for micro and start-ups, such as the popular "velokafen" in the German city of Münster, and the Slovenian futuristic Quadofoil.

The purpose of the exhibition is to illustrate through photo-prints the support provided by development banks in Europe and around the world, specific for each country, but vaguely popular in Bulgaria.

The exhibition is being carried out in partnership with EAPB, where BDB is a member since 2005. The projects are coming from 13 countries including the Netherlands, China, Poland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland. Germany, Croatia, Morocco and Bulgaria.

The European Association of Public Banks is one of the most prestigious associations of credit institutions in Europe, whose market share in Europe is 15%. The total assets of EAPB members amounted to over € 3,500 billion. Topics of interest to the association include banking supervision, capital markets, commercial law, payments and development policies.