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Information on financial support for companies suffering losses during the COVID’19 pandemic

Dear Clients,
Financial support for companies and employees on unpaid leave will be provided through the commercial banks and their branch network in the country. In response to the rapidly developing epidemic situation, our team is working hard to put in place a guarantee facility that will allow those affected to receive financial support.
The capital increase of the bank is under preparation by the Bulgarian government. Through it, BDB will issue guarantees to the commercial banks for lending to both businesses and employees on unpaid leave from the sectors affected.
The Employer Support Scheme with 60 % of the amount of their employees’ pay will be implemented through the employment services of the Employment Agency.
The launch of the Commercial Bank Guarantee Program will be formally announced through the mass media and on the website of BDB.
Outside the guarantee facility, BDB and its subsidiaries will continue to carry out their regular lending activities and review newly received requests for loans, lease, factoring and guarantees.