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JOBS MFI to support the "Agriculture, forestry and fishing” sector

The business in the Shumen region has received most funds from the institution

JOBS MFI has granted the most loans and financial leasing to companies from the "Agriculture, forestry and fishing" sector - 33% of the institution's portfolio. Second ranked are the companies involved in manufacturing (16%), while the third place is occupied by the companies engaged in the "Trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles" sector (15%). JOBS funding was also provided to micro companies dealing with transport, hotels and restaurants, construction, cultural activities.

By far the most funds through micro loans and leases by Jobs MFI have been granted to business in Shumen - about a quarter of the total amount of loans. Shumen is followed by Dobrich and Sofia, which received respectively 12% and 10% of the funding by the institution. The companies from Silistra, Pernik, Sliven, Burgas, Vidin, Blagoevgrad, Razgrad, Targovishte, Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv are also actively seeking small loans.

They have received financing for their businesses by JOBS MFI in the form of micro credits or finance leases. The institution grants investment and working capital loans from 1500 to 150,000 euro for micro and small businesses, agricultural producers, self-employed persons. One of the target groups of Jobs are also the start-up companies that can benefit from loans of up to € 25,000. So far 16% of the loans granted are for start-up businesses.

The objective is to improve the access to funding for companies that have a viable business idea but do not have a credit history, enabling them to develop their business.

The company, which is part of the group of the Bulgarian Development Bank, allows businesses to apply under four leasing schemes. Through financial leasing JOBS MFI grants up to € 25,000 for the purchase of new and used machinery, equipment, vehicles and agricultural equipment. The repayment period is from 12 to 60 months depending on the leased asset. Applicants may benefit from a 6-month grace period during the first year and 3-month grace period in the following years.

JOBS MFI has 7 business offices in the country located in Burgas, Plovdiv, Pleven, Nova Zagora, Shumen, Vratsa and Montana. The products of the institution are offered through a network of intermediaries in Dobrich, Smolyan, Silistra and Harmanli, Plovdiv, Kubrat, Dulovo, Novi Pazar, Peshtera, Radnevo and Parvomay.