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"Jobs" MFI will support entrepreneurs from the founder Institute in need of funding

The third edition of the biggest training program for start-up companies in Bulgaria was completed. The training at the Founder Institute in Sofia is supported by the Microfinance institution "JOBS", part of the group of the Bulgarian Development Bank. During the 4-months period, the entrepreneurs have learned how to develop their ideas to real profitable businesses. In the course of the training of 28 startups, 7 impressive projects arrived to the final, and were presented to investors, entrepreneurs and mentors.
Among the most distinguished projects is the startup Streebi, developing wheel stands that can be easily installed around office buildings.
Xenia has created a platform that saves money to financial institutions from card transactions where fees are usually paid.
The startup Umni has found a way to save expenses to the hotels by hiring the staff – through chat bots to facilitate the communication between the hotel, travel agencies and potential customers.
Among the finalists is the Go Beauty mobile app, connecting users with beauty saloons/centers.
Damocles Analytics is developing software with data for different political figures, which can solve the problem of low confidence in politicians and lack of information.
Cast Folio is a mobile application for finding work in the entertainment industry.
The startup Moneyvox develops a platform for managing savings.
Jobs MFI is prepared to lend on preferential terms to the seven finalists to implement their business ideas.
"It is nice to see creative and ambitious, young people, passionate about turning their ideas into a real business. I am proud that every fifth loan granted by us is for a start-up company, "said the executive director of "JOBS” MFI Angel Djalzov at the graduation ceremony.
According to his words, Bulgaria has a huge potential for development of entrepreneurship, but just a few organizations support the idea. This is why the mission of "Jobs" is to financially support the companies at the initial stage of their development.