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  • Bulgarian Development Bank

    Microfinance institution JOBS is a partner of the Bulgarian Development Bank AD under the Progress programme. Funding is provided under the "European Progress Microfinance Facility" created by the European Union.

  • National Guarantee Fund

    On 12.09.2016 the Microfinance institution JOBS and the National Guarantee Fund concluded an Agreement on issuing of guarantees on loans to supplement the collateral of companies approved for assistance under the Rural Development of Bulgaria Programme (2014-2020), the Rural Development of Bulgaria Programme (2007 - 2013), as well as companies from the "Crops" and "Animal Breeding" sector.

    The guarantee scheme is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

  • European Investment Fund

    In 2011 Microfinance institution JOBS contracted with the European Investment Fund a credit line of EUR 6 Mil, in support of micro-companies with difficult access to funding. Financing was provided within the European Progress Microfinance Facility.

    The conclusion of a Guarantee Agreement on 03.07.2013 between the MFI and the EIF facilitates the access of micro-enterprises to funding. The backed microfinance facility benefits from a guarantee issued under the European Progress Microfinance Facility, established by the European Union.