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The "Torlashka sreshta" offers bel muzh, made from the milk of an endangered sheep breed

If you want to try bel muzh, vizit "Torlashka sreshta" in the village of Varbovo next to Belogradchik. This is a type of cheese made from the milk of an endangered sheep breed, says Bozhidar Tsvetkov, one of the owners of the guest house.

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In the cellar in the village of Ploski customers prepare wine themselves

A wine cellar in the village of Ploski offers customers to make wine on their own. They are explained how to differentiate the varieties and choose the most appropriate combination by Todor Georgiev, who has attended two wine courses in England. He and his brother Georgi are the owners of Georgiewi Bros and created the WineMakeryClub. The winery is located in the home village of their mother, 6 km from Sandanski.

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A patent of a Pleven company detects fire without smoke

Using blue light the device captures the burning of alcohol and derivatives that do not emit smoke. The patent for it is held by the Pleven company "DMTeh" LTD. "Until now we used infrared light. The advantage of blue light is the wavelength that allows three times smaller particles to be reflected and captured," explains the owner of the company Milen Kirov. He owns the rights to the only such patent in the country, which is used worldwide but not frequently.

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Pork leg with lavender and thyme cocktail are served in a Sofia restaurant

Pork legs found their place on the Bulgarian table many years ago, even the characters of Remark enjoyed them. In Bulgaria they are most often used as an ingredient in the brawn dish.Therefore, it is not very easy to imagine that gourmet specialties may be prepared from pork legs. If you have difficulties with your imagination, you can go to the center of Sofia and see for yourself that it is possible. Gourmet pork legs are among the newest items on the menu of the "Cosmos" restaurant.

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The first Bulgarian company for Chia oil is in Ruse

People started paying attention to what they eat and look for healthy foods. This led us to get on with the production of such products, says Mariana Mircheva, who together with her brother Venelin Stoyanov, own B&M Production LTD. The company is manufacturing and marketing cold-pressed vegetable oils and is the first in the country to make cold-pressed Chia oil.

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